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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> i'm just going to be grief. >> reporter: that hand on his back belongs to city attorney general nathan. city council chairman mend ellison embraced the mayor during the ceremony an indication of the personal affection. councilman graham is not asking for the resignation of gray but says -- >> i think there's an urgent need for -- him to make a full statement. but i think the city is really trying out for that kind of -- crying out for that kind of clearing of the air. it should be a formal press conference. we should speak to the residents of the direct of columbia. -- district of columbia. >> reporter: he is not asking for gray to resign. >> it's been the turn at this point and the one piece i would add right now is you kind of think of the metaphor people just need to sit down in the boat. >> reporter: harder in choppy water, harder still in the tsunami caused by an earthquake like the rev lake tuesday of
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the secret -- revelation tuesday of the secret shadow campaign. gary nuremberg, 9news now. >> a d.c. police officer is on administrative duty after he allegedly threatened to shoot michelle obama. the "washington post" says the officer worked as a motorcycle escort for white house officials and other dignitaries. according to the post the officer made the comments as he and other officers discussed threats against the obamas. another officer reported the conversation to his superior and d.c. police spokeswoman tells 9news now the police department is investigating the nature of the comments. so, could mitt romney shock the nation? get this -- the website the drudge report says former secretary of state condoleeza rice is now on the top of the short list for romney's vice presidential running mate. in a recent e-mail tosspotters rice called the upcoming election the most important in her lifetime. drudge claims an announce i want is going to be -- announcement is going to be made in the coming weeks. accusations between the romney and obama campaigns
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about mitt romney's time at bain capital. that's the private firm he founded. now the issue is when did romney leave the firm? >> susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: president barack obama hits the road today in the battleground state of virginia before heading out he took time for the interview with cbs's charlie rose where he admitted to some mistakes. >> you know he's been juggling and managing a lot of stuff but you know, where's the -- the story that tells us where he's going? and i think that was a legitimate criticism. >> reporter: the president said it spared a question about everything about a presidential candidate and the obama campaign has questions about mitt romney's time at bain capital. a report from the "boston globe" shows rom know filed paperwork with the government where he claimed to be the sole owner and ceo of the private firm as late as 2002. the romney campaign says he had no input on investments or management of the company after he left to take charge of the
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winter olympics in 1999. at the heart of the issue, who was in charge of bane during the years from 1999 until 2001? that was the time period when bain ran companies that went bankrupt. is and invested in -- and invested in others that shipped jobs overseas. the obama campaign has been running ads for weeks hammering romney over the outsourcing issue. >> it's false and misloading. >> reporter: the romney campaign is now hitting back with its own ads. >> the obama outsourcing attacks -- misleading, unfair, and untrue. >> reporter: the obama campaign -- >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> reporter: stands by its claim. tara mergener for cbs news, w. >> did the syrian army kill 100 people in the province? the murders have not been individually confirmed but what local activists claim is true this would be the worst attack in 16 months of war.
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despite this russia will continue to support president bashar al-assad. the russian ambassador says the nation will veto nearest lotion which calls for sanctions against syria or regime change. here's a look at ore things -- other things making news knew. the independent investigation is slamming the most powerful loaders at the university. >> top school officials including former head football coach joe paterno did nothing to stop pedophile jerry sandusky from preying on young victims which he continued to do for more than a decade. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: former fbi director louis freeh puts the blame on joe paterno and though other top penn state -- three other top penn state officials for covering up jerry sandusky's child sex abuse. >> our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of sandusky's child victims. >> reporter: freeh and his investigators discovered evidence that penn state's
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president, athletic director and the legendary coach all knew in the 1998 that sandusky was under investigation for sexual misconduct but did nothing to stop him. the former judge said the late coach had another opportunity to do something in 2001. when former coach mike mcqueary reported seeing sandusky abusing a boy in a campus shower. >> he was an integral part of this active part to console. >> reporter: he says paterno and other officials allowed sandusky to retire in 1999 allowing him to lure more victims. the former coach acknowledged he should have done more but insists he never would have taken part in a cover-up. >> joe did not interfere have any investigation. joe never suspected that jerry sandusky was a child predator. >> reporter: penn state's board of trustees hired freeh eight
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welcome back to 9news now, we apologize with technical problems. last week power outages could cost pepco and bge more than $1 million apiece in fines. senators frosh of montgomery county and one of prince george's county sent the request to the public service commission and both want to use the money to create a surge reserve funds to pay for more workers to help restore power faster. they say the fines will encourage utilities to change their behavior and modernize their infrastructure. maryland residents will have a chance to voice their opinion of how utility companies perform during recent storms. the public service commission will hold eight public hearings next month and it will continue to accept testimony through
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september 10th. both have been scheduled to happen before the pse questions the utilities about their response to the storms. 4:39 now. the bid to put a new casino at national harbor may not be dead yet. governor o'malley wants to see how serious local leaders are about expanding gambling in maryland. monday he'll meet with prince george's county executive baker, montgomery county executive ike leggett. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake and on tuesday he'll meet with senate and house leaders and the "washington post" reports this effort is all to gauge whether or not a special session is needed to move the issue forward. all right -- time now 4:9 and here's a look at your weather for this friday. temperatures will get into the lower 80s by noon around lunchtime we are expecting mostly cloudy skies for today. couple of -- maybe little breaks in the clouds a little bit for a little bit of sun. and then temperatures by 5:00 will be in the mid 80s. right now we have cloudy
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conditions. it is 77 degrees. and we have a slight chance for some showers only west of town for today. i'll talk more about the heat and the humidity coming up but first here's monika with your traffic. good morning. good morning. we had the fair share of accidents yesterday morning even at this time. thank think this morning is a little different. 66 looks great no issues to report heading to the beltway that early morning construction should be clearing up shortly. and we're good to go as you head into the downtown area. i'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic at 4:49. back to you guys. all righty. it is time for the first your money segment, 4:40 a.m. this friday morning. >> and here's jessica doyle with today's headlines, let's see if your mic is working. we were having trouble. >> let's see. >> what number are you? >> do you hear me? this would be my 16th. >> sweet 16. >> good morning everybody i can hear myself. >> there you go. good. how are you this morning? >> i'm doing great. >> this has been great morning so far. >> it's friday. hi everybody. this is going to be a big one for wall street today.
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investors looking ahead to jp morgan chase's earnings this morning. investors want the update on how large the losses really are and whether the bank will take back compensation from some of those involved. yesterday stocks really struggled to shake off concerns about earnings and trouble in the euro zone. the market down for the sixth day in a row -- the u.s. treasury reports the budget deficit -- by rather $60 billion in june. that's staying on track to top $1 trillion for the fourth year in a row. republicans and the obama administration remain at odds over how to cut this ballooning deficit. they disagree on how to spend and where to cut and whether or not to incross taxes. not going away anytime soon.
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>> okay jess thanks a lot. >> with my microphone. >> working i'm sure of it. all right, now if you're flying out of reagan national this weekend you will need to add some extra time to the schedule. >> in two minutes some things you need to know about weekend work near the airport. >> that story plus your weather first in about two minutes.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. it's 4:44 this friday morning. we have made it successfully to the weekend. >> we're almost there. >> we're almost there. and -- we have summertime weather really moving back in for the weekend. hi anny. >> you know for the friday we're looking at temperatures to get up close to seasonal so you know for july it's pretty good. as you mentioned the heat is coming back. so -- the heat and humidity. >> three? >> but not a long string of three digits and that's the good thing yeah. let's take a look at the radar. we have a couple things going on with some showers out there. out to the west potomac islands and also in central virginia. this could make it inside the beltway but again, only if
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you're maybe west of town you can maybe see some of these light rain and showers coming through. here's a look at the day planner for this friday. so for the rest of today, most of us should be dry. mostly cloudy conditions for this friday. and temperatures will be in the upper 70s by 9:00. by lunchtime in the lower 80s. and by late this afternoon we should top out mid- to upper 80s by 6:00 we'll be at around 86 degrees. to finish off your workweek. currently temperatures in downtown 77 but you head outside the beltway it's cooler. lower 70s in college park and bethesda. 68 in vienna. reston 66 and sterling 69 degrees and alexandria good morning to you, you are at 73 degrees. at this hour. here's a live look at our michael & son weather camera. cloudy skies out there. temperatures 77 dew points still in the low 60s. so not too bad. but get ready for the dew points to go up especially by sunday and into next week. the winds are calm at this hour. okay, so for most of us, it
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really should be a dry morning commute. maybe leave the umbrella at home and bring it just in case if you want to protect the hair. otherwise still seasonable conditions to finish off the week here and an isolated thunderstorm or shower possible but the better chance will be west of town for today kind of the same story like yesterday. then hot over the weekend and the heat and humidity are on the rise. here's a look at your 9 futurecast so here's a look at friday afternoon today where again you can see most of the shower and storm activity would be to the west of town generally but the clouds will stick around for much of today. saturday as well. better chance for some showers late morning saturday and into the afternoon. maybe a couple thunderstorms. by tomorrow night a lot of it will start to break up. so really shouldn't impact too much of your saturday evening plans but maybe during the day, you may have to dodge some showers. highs for today 87 in downtown. mid 80s in annapolis. 85 also in fredericksburg and
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86 manassas and frederick mid 80s and leesburg 84. to the west cumberland mid 80s. oakland lower 70s with maybe some showers and possibly a thunderstorm. hey want to do some beaching and boating this weekend? well your forecast for saturday out toward the bay upper -- mid 80s to lower 90s and waves no more than a foot southwest winds at around 10 miles an hour. sunday a little warmer and highs 90 to 95 but still waves no more than a foot and the winds really shouldn't be a big concern. no small craft advisory. going a little further out east to the ocean this weekend? well, for saturday, highs 80 to 85 and a slight chance for a nice little storm in the afternoon. sunday, around low to mid-80s and the water temperature around upper 60s close to 70 degrees and it should be a pretty good weekend to be out there. next three days look like this, all right, saturday changed to yellow because of the chance for some scattered showers and storms that could impact your plans but hot at low 90s. sunday, same deal. check out the next seven days.
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the heat is on especially by monday, tuesday next week. temperatures in the upper 90s and the nats are in town to play on tuesday. wednesday, that's our hot day temperatures around 100 degrees. here's a look at your timesaver traffic with monika. good morning. good morning, i'm happy to say it's friday morning light. that feels great. right now if you're planning to go outside things are fine out of frederick on 270 down into jermantown and down to the point where the lanes divide. live look at the beltway at university boulevard and this is a good indication of the beltway across the 95 interchange recall the way past university boulevard to 270 and even the american legion bridge. this time all the way down to southern maryland no problems here as you head for the beltway. in new carolton there are no issues and you can see that volume is light. the stretch between 95 and the wilson bridge. i'll be back in a few minutes with another look at traffic at about 4:55. but first, metro transit lead
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verse addressed a couple of safety incidents which made headlines. last week a train on the green line derailed when the track buckled during the heat wave. a second incident involved a power outage during which stuck passengers started evacuating by themselves. the general manager richards sarles says metro will slow the trains down when extremely hot and also do a better job of keeping passengers informed. also some track work you need to know about this weekend. starting tonight at 10:00 both the crystal city and reagan national airport stations will close for the entire weekend which means both the blue and yellow lines will operate in two segments. there will be shuttles and customers should allow at least app extra 30 minutes for the trip and all stations will reopen by 5:00 a.m. monday morning. some good information for you. mike? thanks monika. see you in a little bit. more and more tools these days are being used in the war
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against breast cancer. here's a new drug out which is showing it can actually slow the growth of a very aggressive tumor. >> as anita brikman reports -- >> linda knows the chemotherapy flowing into her body is what she needs to fight the breast cancer she found herself back in february. the worst part for this wife and mother, that toxic week that follows these sessions. >> i like to take care of the family. and you know, do things around the house. cook dinner, and you know when i don't feel well and i can't do that in some ways that adds to my stress. my kids have really stepped up and they understand. >> reporter: her tumor is her 2 positive meaning it expresses a protein that makes it more aggressive and likely to spread. about one in four breast cancer patients have this type. now there's this drug approved just last month.
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>> the fda accelerated the approval of the drug because of the results and the importance of this special class of treatments for breast cancer. >> reporter: medical oncologist says it's approved for women with metastatic her 2 positive breast cancer meaning the cancer has already spread. adding it to her treatment can extend by several months or even longer the time they have without the cancer getting worse. now it's being tested on women with less advanced stages of the cancer like linda. they make up a far greater number of new patients and linda was more than ready to sign up. >> clinical trials are an opportunity for everybody. anything that i can do to help this you know, get to market will help my kids. you know, and my neighbors or anybody else that comes along after me. >> reporter: anita brikman, 9news now. >> so even though it is a approved this trial is important to prove it may work in more women and to ensure insurance companies will pay for it if and when they get the drug.
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there's a new report out on health care and it shows 20% of u.s. women had no insurance in 2010. that's nearly 19 million women. another 16.7 million were underinsured. according to the commonwealth fund. the report projects because of the new affordable care act the percentage of women would insurance will drop all the way down to 8%. keeping track of every bite you eat will help you lose more weight. researchers in seattle looked at data on 123 overweight and obese older women and they found women who kept food journals lost about 6 pounds more than those who didn't. experts say it is important however to be honest and accurate in that journal for it to work. obese children are just as likely to be bright as thenar kids. previous -- thinner kids. previous studies showed that they were less likely to do well in school but british researchers found no evidence that obesity affects test
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results in 4,000 children. 4:52 and it's time for the question of the morning -- >> here it is -- >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page, leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour. we'll be right back.
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good morning. time now 4:567. happy friday everyone. hey it's cloudy out there. it will be pretty much mostly cloudy all day today. temperatures will be in the lower 80s by 11:00 this morning. by this afternoon, temperatures topping out mid- to upper 80s. under mostly cloudy conditions. and a slight chance for
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showers, maybe a thunderstorm generally west of town in the mountains. here's a look at your timesaver traffic with monika. here's what it looks like on the beltway north of the american legion bridge between 270 and this point you're running smoothly and across the potomac river as well down into tysons corner. more on traffic in a couple of minutes. back to you. smithsonian's national air and space museum is celebrating the satellite which powered the first tv transmission around the globe 50 years ago. in july, 1962 the tell star satellite carried live pictures to audiences in the u.s., canada and your for the first time: the -- europe for the first time. the broadcast began with pictures of the statue of liberty and the eiffel tower. >> this changed the face of earth. this was a little -- but a big step for communication. >> organizers of the 1962 broadcast planned to show
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remarks by president kennedy but the talk was delayed. instead they showed a baseball game between the philadelphia phillies and chicago cubs. "spider-man" "captain america" and storm troopers in one place and it can only mean one thing, comic-con. >> it is underway right now in san diego. teresa garcia takes us on the tour. >> reporter: from the back flips to this guy's break dancing. >> i am made up imaginary. >> reporter: thousands of tv, movie, video game and comic book fans are getting their geek on at comic-con 2012. the lines are long to get into the final "twilight" preview and panel discussion. >> we've been here since sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. and just getting to get in there. >> reporter: fans can get a closeup look at six different bat mobiles dating back to the 1966 tv series. this is the latest bat mobile to be featured in the upcoming
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movie "the dark knight rises." but this is the first to be named somebody else. it's the tumbler. founded in 1970 it was originally all about comic books. but now it's a four day entertainment extravaganza. fans lined up to hop in front of a green screen with a picture of their favorite show time tv characters. others shackled up with the walking dead show's newest zombie characters. >> it's kind of cool. >> reporter: comic store owner juan spent two hours in a line so he could buy some collectible toys. how much cash did you drop? >> easily at hasbro alone like about $1,500 every year. >> reporter: the common theme among the fans is a passion for pop culture. teresa garcia, cbs news. >> getting a sneak peek of the hobbit are among the hottest
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events this year. >> it's kind of fun looking, staying out sunday until thursday? my god. i'm andrea roane. >> happy friday how's that sound huh? i'm mike hydeck, hello monika samtani how are you? >> we are going to make et today no matter what. good morning anny hong. >> good morning device you might need the umbrella. only a slight chance for a shower especially if you're west of town. otherwise we're looking at mostly cloudy skies for today. we're not expecting any crazy rain or storms this afternoon but slight chance for some showers especially west of town here's a look at live doppler 9000 hd to show you where the showers are right now. generally in the potomac and highlands and central virginia. we'll zoom on in closer to show you where we're seeing the showers. again if you're west of interstate 81 better chances of seeing maybe some showers and thunderstorms for this afternoon. so here's a look at the showers coming in from the west basically. and also southwest. and so for the rest of today here'sat